Hello World, 

It’s pretty rough out there right now. If your days are anything like ours, you’re balancing your work with the constant struggle of adapting to social distancing.  

But we’re humans! We need to stay connected, especially in times like these. And we want to help you with whatever ideas or projects you’re working on that can help address that universal need for communicating with others and sharing experiences.

30,000 Reasons to Start Building 

30,000 minutes, on us.

Whether you have an existing account or you’re a new user, these are yours to build whatever you want, like:

  • Private messaging and video apps for your friends and family
  • Webinar tools to keep your business or community informed
  • Collaboration apps for your team  
  • Watch parties for your favorite shows, or online book clubs 
  • Virtual classroom for your children to stay connected with teachers and students 
  • Real-time karaoke studio (seriously someone please make this) 

No matter what creative idea you have to stay connected, we want to support it 



Resources, resources, resources. In the coming days, we’ll be publishing more and more sample apps and tutorials that all include a modular, open-source UX framework. In the meantime, you can browse our documentation, or check out our blog!

Resources, resources, resources.

Whatever you build, please let us know! We’re looking to showcase any solution – from the practical to the creative – that lets you engage and interact with others. 

Finally, stay calm, stay healthy, stay home as much as possible, and sign up for a free account to start building!  

Stephane Giraudie
Sr. Director, Cloud Communications

On a more serious note, we are currently supporting any healthcare, telemedicine, or otherwise health-related applications, for free. If this describes your project, please schedule a call with us. We want to do everything we can to get you up and running.

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